Cost Effective and Responsible

Waste Management and Precious Metal Refining Solutions

The needs of a business are constantly changing, including the need for proper industrial waste recycling and disposal. Just like every company is different, so too are the waste materials and byproducts generated by said companies.

Many of these wastes can contain harmful chemicals or trace amounts of recoverable metals, and so require specialized disposal methods and special EPA paperwork. If this sounds overwhelming, that is because it can be! Don not worry, though; Progressive Environmental Services will handle it!

With over 100 years of combined environmental experience, Progressive Environmental Services and our sister company, Precious Metal Refining Services, Inc., specialize in cost-effective and responsible waste management solutions that address the specific needs of your company.

Furthermore, we represent over 47 different ISO treatment and disposal facilities and have a fleet of more than 100 trucks that serve our client base from coast-to-coast.

Whether you need to dispose of oily water or food wastes or you are looking to recover the precious metals left in photgraphic film scrap or dental scrap, Progressive Environmental is here to serve you!