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Electronics and E-waste Disposal and Recycling

Many people realize that electronics like printed circuit boards, computer monitors, and electrostatic connectors require specialized e-waste recycling; however, there are also many dangerous byproducts that can be generated during the manufacturing process. Besides the obvious circuit board scrap metal, a cadre of potentially hazardous liquids and solids can be created including:

  • Corrosives and Acids
  • F006 Cakes and Sludge
  • Corrosives and Cyanide Solutions
  • Ferric and Ferrous Solutions
  • High Lead Liquids and Sludge
  • Dyes and Solvents

Many times, a company will send such byproducts or end-of-life electronics to a scrap metal dealer or refiner, in order to recycle, reuse, or refund the metal present in such materials. This metal ranges from metals like tin and steel waste all the way to precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, platinum, and rhodium.

Unfortunately, many scrap dealers and metal brokers simply can’t process all the different e-wastes themselves, and will outsource your circuit board scrap or e-waste. Many times this is done without your consent or knowledge. An additional concern is any data left in end-of-life computers. Many businesses have fallen victim to crooks using information obtained from hard drives that weren’t properly disposed of.

Progressive Environmental Services recognizes that every company’s needs are unique. With our vendor base of over 47 ISO treatment facilities, we are able to provide comprehensive waste disposal/recycling programs that best suit the needs of your business. Not only are all of the electronic components recycled for beneficial reuse but they also guarantee to totally destroy the existing hard drives contained within to insure absolute security. Additionally, due to the high volume of waste processed on a monthly basis, we can generate consistently high returns for our customers.

Choose Progressive Environmental Services to manage your electronics waste. Contact us by visiting the Contact page or by calling (800) 323-9785 Ext.8819.