Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need Progressive Environmental to assist with disposal of my industrial waste?

Any manufacturing by-product, whether hazardous or not, must be handled in an environmentally-compliant manner. We are able to select the best treatment facility in range that treats your specific waste stream.

2. What materials need to be disposed of with the use of a waste disposal service?

Any manufacturing by-product is considered to be a special waste and must be handled according to state and national environmental laws. If you have questions relating to a specific state or by-product, please Contact Us.

3. Is Progressive Environmental right for my business?

Progressive Environmental Services represents over 47 different ISO treatment facilities and so can handle most types of waste. Go with environmental experience; go with peace of mind; go with Progressive Environmental Services.

4. Am I responsible for the proper disposal of my hazardous waste? If so, what do I need to do to limit my liability?

All waste generators, whether they generate a hazardous or non-hazardous waste stream, are responsible for the safe disposal of their wastes from ‘cradle-to-grave’. To protect yourself, you need a company that follows all environmental laws, employs experienced staff, and fills out all necessary EPA paperwork. Progressive Environmental Services is that company.

5. How do I know that a waste hauler is disposing of my waste in accordance with the law?

Here at Progressive Environmental Services, we constantly audit our waste transporters and our treatment facilities. If anything non-compliant is discovered, Progressive Environmental Services will send your industrial waste to another processing facility, until any doubts of non-compliance are removed.