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Food Manufacturing Waste Disposal

In order to make the food manufacturing process as safe as possible, manufacturers must adhere to a strict set of guidelines from the FDA as well as municipal laws regarding methods of food manufacturing. Anything that doesn’t meet these quality standards is regarded as food waste, and so needs to be disposed of in a responsible manner. Additionally, every municipality has different requirements as to the liquids allowed to go down the drain, so any water used in the manufacturing process or the cleaning process (i.e. washdown water) can’t just be discharged into the sewers.

All forms of industrial food waste, whether it is washdown water, defective foodstuffs, or slurries from processing facilities, needs to be properly separated and disposed of. If a company is out of compliance with food waste regulations, they could be hit with hefty fines! In order to avoid any penalties, you need a company with experience in the waste disposal industry that’s able to manage all forms of food waste. That’s where Progressive Environmental Services comes in.

Progressive Environmental Services takes pride in being an industry leader in food waste recycling. We use our industry expertise to determine the most economical and environmentally safe method of disposal, whether that happens to be using the food waste as feed for farm animals or applying liquid wastes to farm land in order to enhance the nitrogen balance of the land. Nothing is ever land filled.

We make sure that your business is always in compliance, so you don’t need to risk being shut down by the local regulatory agencies. See why food waste disposal is one of Progressive Environmental Services' specialties; call (800) 323-9785 Ext.8819 or Contact page.