Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need to refine and recycle post cremation metals?

The reason you need to recycle post cremation metals is for your environmental protection. Dental scrap contain elements of precious metals that both the Federal and State EPA agencies regard as heavy metals. They are not allowed to be discarded but must be refined and recycled just like the other implants and pacemakers.

Why should we use Progressive Environmental Services?

Progressive Environmental Services is the only true refiner recognized by the Federal EPA as a compliant refiner / recycler of post cremation metals. We are not a scrap dealer. We have the EPA documentation for your proof of compliance should the need arise.

How does your program work?

Simply call our toll free number and request free containers and pre-paid labels for the collection of the post cremation metals. Based upon your volume and cases processed, we will provide the correct sized container for you.

Are there any costs incurred by us?

No, all of the containers and shipping of such containers is provided by us at no cost to you, ever.

Is there any revenue generated from the refining/recycling of post cremation remains?

Yes, Oftentimes we have generated values far greater than clients have expected. This is due to the values presented in the dental scrap rather than the titanium implants and pacemakers. It is up to to direct us how to distribute such funds; charities, scholarships, whatever your wishes, the decision is yours and we will honor your directives.