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Oily Water Disposal and Oil Recycling

Manufacturing is the lifeblood of any country; the production of goods is one of the driving forces behind economic growth! Unfortunately, many industrial manufacturing processes generate byproducts that can be hazardous to the environment. If your business is a manufacturing facility like a die-caster or a fastener producer or any other type of industrial manufacturer, it is your responsibility to properly dispose of such waste!

One of the main by-products produced by these industries is used oil and oily water. As an industry leader in waste management, Progressive Environmental Services will pick up and properly process your used oil and oily water.

With a fleet of over 100 vehicles, including both large and small vacuum trucks, semi/transports, and drum and route trucks, we are able to clean out oil pits, oil/water separators, drains and other oil collection sites. We even have Super Sucker trucks, so we can clean up rocks, sludge, and mill scale!

Our equipment allows us to handle many types of waste streams including but not limited to:

  • Oily Water
  • Oily Sludge
  • Wastewater
  • Plating Wastes
  • Contaminated Soil
  • Used Oil Filters
  • Absorbents and/or Cleanup Pads

We at Progressive Environmental Services guarantee that our customers comply with both the stringent environmental requirements of the EPA and local and state laws. All necessary EPA paperwork is completed on your behalf. Copies of the manifests are left with you, and final copies are forwarded to you once the treatment facility has accepted the wastes

For more information or to schedule a pick-up of your industrial wastes, call Progressive Environmental Services at (800) 323-9785 Ext.8819 or visit our Contact page.