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Plating Waste By-Product Disposal

As you know, the plating industry requires a comprehensive knowledge of plating technology to accomplish the proper formation of alloys and alternative finishes. The same can be said for disposal of hazardous plating wastes.

Whether you are an electroplater, electro-less plater, an anodizer or a hard chrome plater; all forms of plating by-products need to be managed in an environmentally sound manner. EPA and OSHA have become very strict regarding reportable limits in the plating industry, both in plating solutions and in air emissions. Liability management should be of the utmost concern of the plating industry.

Progressive Environmental Services will help you manage that liability. With over 47 ISO treatment facilities, Progressive Environmental can recycle any and all plating waste streams, liquid wastes, sludge and solids, lab packs, bulk tanker loads, and everything in between! Some of the plating wastes Progressive Environmental Services recycles include:

  • Hexavalent and Trivalent Chrome
  • Zinc, Zinc/Cobalt, and Zinc/Nickel
  • Aluminum and Cadmium
  • Tin and Copper
  • High Lead Liquids and Sludge
  • Precious Metals
  • Acids and Caustics
  • Chlorides
  • Ferric and Ferrous Solutions

Progressive Environmental Services will work with you to minimize your environmental liability by matching your waste steams with the treatment that best suits your process and needs.

We can also process most waste streams requiring Certificates of Destruction and/or Certificates of Recycling. With over 34 years of experience and an expansive array of treatment facilities, we provide the highest level of liability management without the inflated costs of our competition. For more information call (800) 323-9785 Ext.8819 or fill out our Contact page.