Progressive Environmental Services

Our name makes it clear; here at Progressive Environmental Services our goal is to recycle and dispose of your industrial wastes in an environmentally safe manner. With over 100 years of combined experience, our environmental professionals have the knowledge to answer any questions you may have regarding environmental compliancy in waste disposal.

Additionally, our entire staff has earned their education and acquired their business experience in the environmental field. The founder of Progressive Environmental Services, Sheldon Goldner, has a background in Environmental Law and is an appointed member of the Federal EPA Task Force on Recycling for EPA region 5. Because of this, you can be sure that we are always aware of new environmental regulations, and how they apply to your specific industry.

The relationships we have with the EPA in Washington, D.C. and with the Local, Federal, and State regulatory officials insure environmental compliance, resulting in peace of mind for our clients.

Please check out the various industries we serve by visiting the Industries page, or you can contact us by calling (800) 323-9785, today!