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Silver Recovery from Film

In the 1970’s, a ‘Silver Recovery Business’ was much different than today. It was usually just some guy, dressed in blue jeans and a t-shirt, who would enter a medical facility or printing company to find someone willing to cash for some silver-bearing films. Usually, he would only end up paying a fraction of what the silver in the film was actually worth, literally stealing from the company from whom he was purchasing film.

Our founder, Sheldon Goldner, saw these unscrupulous business practices occurring and decided to approach the Silver Recovery industry in a different way. Dressed in a suit and tie, he began his crusade to educate companies on the actual value of the film they were selling.

To make a long story short, he founded Mar-Cor Services, the largest silver recovery dealer and processor in the country. Their customer list included Polaroid, Fuji Film, Agfa Film, General Motors

and most of the x-ray supply companies within the United States. Ultimately, Mar-Cor Services was approached by Eastman Kodak and became their largest supplier of external silver.

After 25 years, digital photography became the norm, and silver bearing films decreased in volume. Mar-Cor Services was ultimately sold, but now the same silver recovery services and education are still available to you through Progressive Environmental Services!

Progressive Environmental Services provides you with a container for film scrap or silver flake. These containers are processed in a timely manner and you are able to choose how you wish to receive reimbursement for your silver bearing film. You can be assured that you will always get the full value of what your film is worth, when you work with Progressive Environmental Services.

With over 34 years experience in the field of silver recovery from film, Progressive Environmental Services is the natural choice for all your film processing. For more information call (800) 323-9785 Ext.8819 or visit our Contact page.