Why Choose Progressive Environmental to Recycle Your Post Cremation Metals

When processing and disposing of post cremation metals, you probably don’t think about the EPA or hazardous waste; in fact, it is a facet of cremation of which you have to become aware. Unfortunately, post cremation remains almost always contain metal implants, pacemakers, and dental scrap, materials that do not vaporize or disappear during the process of cremation. These metals are considered by the Federal EPA code to be ‘heavy metals’ and therefore hazardous waste. .

As a crematory, it becomes your business’s obligation to properly dispose of this waste material. There is also the necessary yet arduous task of completing the proper hazardous waste manifest forms and submitting them to the EPA. Don’t let yourself get caught between a rock and a hard place because of Federal Environmental Regulations. You shouldn’t be forced to pay huge amounts of money for a hazardous waste hauler or scrap metal dealer to properly dispose of metal scrap left after cremation; instead, choose Progressive Environmental Services!

Progressive Environmental Services is not a scrap metal dealer; as a recognized EPA and OSHA compliant refinery, we’re an industry leader in implant and dental alloy recycling. Fully versed in Environmental Law, the owner and founder of Progressive Environmental Services is an appointed member of the EPA Task Force on Recycling for Region 5, so you can be sure that we will recycle all post-cremation metals in an ethical, EPA compliant manner. Some of the scrap metal left after cremation may in fact be subject to reduced regulations depending on the metal content. Progressive Environmental will provide you with the education, pictures and knowledge needed to assist you with segregating your post cremation metals. We also fill out any burdensome EPA documentation, keeping you EPA compliant, free of charge.

Progressive Environmental is the only industrial processing facility and refiner that offers this level of service and protection within the deathcare industry. Let us show you what over three decades of metallurgical experience and refining can do for you and give you the peace of mind that you deserve.